The Center for Applied Innovation, LLC filed a lawsuit in Richmond Circuit Court, Richmond, Virginia on February 11, 2021.

Case number CL:21-590-4

The following files contain the entire court filing and all exhibits for the CAI lawsuit against SCHEV. The Fact Sheet consists of a summary claims in the lawsuit

NOTE: Due to the nature of ongoing litigation no comment or additional information other than that contained in the court filings can be provided at this time. The only information available is in the copies of the court-filed documents that can be download below or obtained directly from the court.


Follow the link to download the complaint as filed in court .

Note: this does not include the exhibits and other filing documents


Follow this link to download all the exhibits constituting documentation supporting the  lawsuit. This also contains CAI's  initial protest over lack of access to the procurement records, it's Supplemental Protest on the merits; CAI's and the winning contractor's  proposals; the initial contract awarded; and all other exhibits as attached to the lawsuit as filed with the court (for the complete documentation download all files below).

Note: for other contract documents see the Relevant Documents Tab.


Download an executive Summary of the lawsuit and its key points  from the link below.