The first project addresses the investigation and equity audit of the Virginia Military Institute. If you have a recommended future project please contact us with details.

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The Vice-Chair for the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) submitted his resignation to Governor Northam on May 18, 2021 citing bias and other serious issues with the State's Equity Audit and Investigation of VMI. The documents include internal correspondence with SCHEV and VMI detailing serious issues with the investigation overseen by SCHEV on behalf of the Governor and his staff.

The STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE of this effort is not to collect or investigate allegations of racism but rather limited to ensuring any investigation and equity audit into racism allegations at Virginia Military Institute (VMI) are held to the high standard and promise by Governor Ralph Northam, his administration select Virginia state legislators that the investigation will consist of "...an independent, third-party review of VMI's culture, policies, practices, and equity in disciplinary procedures." by a "non-partisan" reviewer. - Governor Northam joint Letter to the VMI Board of Visitors, October 19, 2020.

VMI Corps

Information, documentation and actions to ensure the objective, impartial and transparent investigation into allegations of structural racism at the Virginia Military Institute

PURPOSE: To timely educate and inform Virginia Military Institute (VMI) alumni, cadets, faculty, administrators, those interested in continually improving the Institute, Virginia Tax payers, alumni of other public colleges and universities in Virginia, and the general public with data relevant to the solicitation, procurement, award and execution of the third-party contract to conduct a fair and impartial investigation into allegations of structural racism at VMI; take reasonable actions to evaluate and, if necessary, challenge the veracity and legality of the current contract; and hold applicable Virginia agencies and employees accountable for any violations of Virginia law or other infractions as may be proven.

Goal 1 

Present for public scrutiny evidence of SCHEV's arbitrary and capricious award, apparent violations of law, apparent fraudulent concealment/withholding of procurement records and other impropriety.

Goal 2

Stop the current investigation, still in its early stages, until Virginia courts determine the legality (or any illegality) of SCHEV's actions, with the investigation of SCHEV to be conducted by a fair and impartial third party.

Goal 3

If  the allegations against SCHEV are substantiated, terminate the current contract and set the conditions for a balanced and unbiased investigation and equity audit of structural racism allegations at VMI, incorporating a defined scope, concise timelines, and investigative protocols that produce statistically valid findings -- All conducted without political influence on either side of the aisle.

Goal 4

Create an independent Subject Matter Expert review board to assist the VMI Alumni Agencies (VMIAA), and thereby VMI, to  interface with any Commonwealth-selected Investigators in securing a fair, transparent and independent investigation is conducted in full compliance with appropriate federal and industry best practice guidelines thereby producing statistically valid data collection, analysis, findings and actionable recommendations.